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When do my creditors make interest and late fee adjustments?


It takes normally 30-90 days for the creditor to make necessary adjustments. Many of the creditors wait until they have received three consecutive timely payments of the accepted amount before they make changes. It is possible that late/over-limit fees will continue to accrue. After that period of time, if you still see charges on your creditor statement, notify our customer service department.



 Be Debt Free through Credit Counseling!


Confused, don’t know were to turn, too many questions regarding your financial situation.  Pick up the phone and call Community Credit Counseling Corp. 1–877–BILLS–11. (1-877-245-5711).

We have debt management credit counselors that are professionally trained and certified by the AFCPE. Counselors that are trained to help you evaluate your financial situation.  AFCPE is the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education.  They are a nonprofit, professional organization dedicated to educating, training, and certifying financial counselors and educators.

When you call to speak to our debt management certified counselors they will help evaluate:

  • Your current financial situation.

  • Will perform a complete monthly income and expense budget which includes your current net worth.

  • Will perform a free no obligation analysis of each of your unsecured debts which will detail your new payment and interest rate to each creditor.

  • Will provide you with free educational materials regarding budgeting, and checking account management.

Our debt management certified credit counselors are available Monday – Thursday 9am to 6:00pm and Friday to 5:00pm. If you are in need of assistance after those hours or on Saturday or Sunday an appointment can be scheduled.


Click Here to get your Free No Obligation analysis of your debt!



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